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...while boosting your tone!

Boost your Tone!

Your instrument will sound like it never had! With pristine attack, full bass response and more harmonics.

Fully recyclabe

Made out of CORN based material, no plastic involved! No harm to the environment!

Custom Printed

We custom print every pick and continuously make them better, one pick at a time!

For Guitar and Bass

Available in two sizes, the comfortable 351 and the bigger 346, suitable for any music style or instrument.

Sturdy Design

Try to break it, you'll not be able to 🙂 Our patent pending design make this picks one of the sturdiest on the market.



WHO uses Plectro? 🤔

Although still a prototype, many musicians love our picks!

Anna Greta Giannotti

Guitarist and Teacher
...and more coming!

WAIT, there's more... 😲

We have something sparkly for you!



No Battery!

Yes! Power comes from your movement so you'll never run out of juice during a performance!

Blazing Fast!

No latency between your picking and the sparkles! It even captures your dynamics, the more you push the more it sparkles!

Brass Core!

A solid brass core to let you experience the best sound possible on acoustic or electric guitars... even with dull strings!

Dual LED technology!

We use two LEDs per pick with a subtle delay to maximize the sparkle effect.


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HI! We are Luciano and Luca, the team behind PLECTRO.
We spend many hours at night tweaking our design, talking with guitar and bass players to craft the perfect pick! But for the most part actually we wait our 3D printer to finish the job… 

Help us get a faster 3D printer and get a fresh baked Plectro prototype for yourself!


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