Learn everything about your new


But first, do you know why

Plectro is #GREEN ?

It's... actually GREEN

You can see it by yourself 🙂

It's fluorescent!

Put it under a light for some minutes, then bring it with you on stage and be sure you will find it even in the dark!

It's fully recyclable

Plectro is made of mais-based plastic which will do no harm to the environment. But that's not all : we will collect back broken or damaged plectros to make new picks out of them, so...

Don't throw away your plectro, regenerate it!

How? We will tell you more about it later 😉


You are holding a PROTOTYPE

What it means?

It means that

Plectro #EVOLVES !!

Of course it’s not a Pokemon 🙂 But it grows thanks to the feedback of all plectormaniacs like you. So it will always become better and better!

You could spot some minor imperfections in its look, which however not affects its tonal qualities. As time goes by it will be more refined.

What you have to know

It's already been tested!

Before your version, more was built which was already played in studio and live! Many players both pro and semi-pro are already using plectro daily for their musical needs.

It's hackable!

You can (must) adapt it to your needs. Don't like the tip? Just rub it with some sandpaper and make it your own to suit your style! Then tell us why you did that and why 😉

It's one-of-a-kind

Your plectro was built specifically for you! Every piece has been modeled and custom 3D printed with your specs. What this means? It means that, when you finalized your design, you'll always get a plectro produced upon your needs.

Plectro is ONLY yours!

Every plectromaniacs is an endorser 😉


Why there's a HOLE ?

for 351 normal o 346...


Plectro is a #SHELL

351 normal and 346 have a hole on the top and lateral surfaces, which we stuffed with moquette to get a better grip.

This hole will accomodate (in future versions) our innovative circuit to make Plectro capable of emitting light. 

Not for nothing our motto is LIGHT UP YOUR PERFORMANCE: not only a pristine sound, but a shiny performance either!

Obviously you’ll be able to chose to use the circuit or not. But, most important, you’ll be able to replace the shell without trowing away the circuit. 

Less whasteful, increasingly #green!

When the circuit will be available?

In a while 😉


How do I PLAY it?

It's time to rock it out!

Well, it's time to

shut up and #PLAY

Plectro is designed to sound better if used with your thumb placed upon the hole we talk’d about earlier.

On the other side, where the plectro writing is embossed, you’ll find a cozy hollow to put your index finger side or your other fingers as you’re used to.  

In this way the shape of the tip can get you optimal attack and pleasant fluidity, both up and down.

PS: On the 351 thin you’ll not find the hole, but a circular shape. Put you thumb there.


Put your thumb on the hole

Place your other fingers on the other side...


We are almost there...

One more thing, but... VERY IMPORTANT 😉


Plectro is a #COMMUNITY

and we want you in

Our Plectromaniacs community is ever growing and it is there that most of our innovative ideas were born.


Come and meet others #PLECTROMANIACS
and join our musical revolution!


We are waiting for you!

Luciano e Luca